COVID-19 Updates

Latest on COVID-19’s impact on Humber College.

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Old Updates:

  • Campuses are completely closed indefinitely — meaning it is not clear when campus will re-open.
  • Humber will release contingency plans by Friday.
  • Canadian government pauses student loan pay-back and announces measures for paying people when they are not working due to COVID-19. More here.
  • Humber College classes are currently fully suspended.
    • However, they will start again on Monday, March 23 online only.
    • Expect contact from your professors or program heads.
  • The latest day to withdraw from the semester without academic penalty is now March 27.
  • Summer semester registration will begin on March 30 with the semester getting underway on May 19 and concluding on Aug. 14.
  • Students will receive direct communications regarding all Student Services and how they can access them in the weeks ahead.
  • If someone in residence tests positive for COVID-19, they will be encouraged to go home but if they can’t, then they will be isolated in residence.
  • There are currently no students with COVID-19 — Humber College will update the public if there is a case.

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ⓘ This page is being run by Eli Ridder and other journalism students at Humber College for the sake of disseminating information. It should not be used in place of the official Humber College Updates page or official government announcements. It is constantly updated and provides the latest available information regarding the current COVID-19 situation and its relation to Humber College.

March 16 Updates:

March 13 Updates:

  • Classes will be suspended all of next week from March 16 to 20 — which means there is nothing going on for students.
  • From March 23 to April 17, classes will have ‘remote delivery’ of classes, ‘wherever possible’ — this likely means a mix of online and other tactics.
  • Field and clinic placements will continue, wherever possible.
  • As for campus itself being open, Humber says more info to be shared later.
  • As for residence, no Information yet (unless they’ve been emailed.
  • Regular updates coming, says Humber.
  • National: Chief medical officer recommends that Canadians not travel outside Canada.

There are no confirmed cases at Humber College (source).

Official Updates Page:

March 13 Updates:

  • Seneca College (source is student who showed me emails; I verified), University of Toronto (source) and other post-secondary institutions announced cancellations and/or suspensions of physical classes on Friday morning.
  • PM Trudeau expected to make statement (Details:
  • Trudeau statement will be LIVE at 12 p.m. — you can likely watch this on YouTube for free and it will be on all the major networks. I will embed it here when I get a link.
    You can also most-likely watch for free at
  • For Canada-wide updates, please utilize official sources (listed below).

March 12 Updates:

There was a petition started for students that want classes to be suspended.
Link to petition here.

FACT-CHECK: The petition states that there were two students that tested positive for COVID-19. This is not true, according to Toronto Public Health and Humber College.

There was a more accurate petition created that calls for the same thing.
Link to petition here.

This petition was created to close all post-secondary schools in Canada.

FACT-CHECK: Image circulating of Humber College cancellation announcement on Twitter. This is false, Humber said in a tweet.

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For news updates: I recommend checking out The Globe and Mail or Toronto Star — both dropped paywalls for coronavirus coverage — or CBC, CTV or Global News.

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